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The Dirk Nowitzki LJ Community

The official Dirk Nowitzki-LJ-Community
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This is the first and official Dirk Nowitzki-LJ-community.
Informations about his team, the Dallas Mavericks you also find here: dallasmavericks
We want to have a look at the tall blond german guy, celebrate the Mavericks-wins, watch him playing for the german boys, adore his qualities as a player and show the world how cute this guy is.
If you like/love Dirk, you are mostly welcome. And also if you like the Dallas Mavericks, the german national basketball team, Steve Nash, Dirk-Slash (not only with Steve *g*) and basketball in general. If not, this might me not the right community for you ;)
Dirk/Steve slash you also find in this lovely community: germadian_lovin. Please have a look!
But: Slash, fanfictions, icons, wallpapers, collages, videos etc. are very welcome here, also.

1.) No flames, no prejudices!! Modesty and kindness are qualities i love about Dirk, so please take a leaf out of his book.
2.) Please keep your entries somehow Dirk-related. Offtopic is not illegal, but mark it as "OT" in the headline.
3.) The most important rule: Please put on every entry a Dirk-pic (You might knew this from other _daily-communities)
Please: Not more than one pic before a LJ-cut and please: Don't use too big pictures as teaser. I think 300 pixels wide is okay, but not bigger, okay? Bigger pics (they are very welcome), please behind a LJ-cut.
4.) I'm planing to keep this journal bilingual, german-speakers are very welcome, but please post important stuff also in english.
5.) Enjoy!! :)
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